County Ordinances & How they are Created and administered

The Planning Department assists the Planning Board to develop and write ordinances with regard to land use.  The Transylvania County Commissioners can adopt ordinances submitted to them via the Planning Board into County law. Any citizen or group of citizens can approach the Planning Board with requests to develop ordinances.

While there is no county-wide zoning in Transylvania County, the following land use ordinances apply to county properties outside of the planning/permitting jurisdictions of the Town of Rosman and the City of Brevard along with its Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).  Contact the City of Brevard Planning Department for properties inside the city limits or the ETJ.

Use this GIS link to see the location and jurisdiction of your property.  Make sure that you select layers for "Flood", "ETJ" and "Zoning".  The zoning GIS layer includes the area covered by the Pisgah Forest Community Zoning Ordinance which is administered by the County Planning Department.

Transylvania County Land Use Ordinances:

There are two other policies that are not ordinances, but give guidance:

Some ordinances have associated fees as shown on the Fee Schedule.